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Hi, my name is Tia. Nice to meet you!

I hope all is well or soon will be. I am a self motivated individual who hopes to lift your spirits by helping you De-Stress your life and progress to your purpose. After all, you  must De-Stress  in order to Progress.

Do you feel stressed out on a daily basis? Are you unable to maintain that work life balance because of it?

No worries! I have developed a program that will help you get to the root cause of your stress. This program is designed to not only deal with your current stressor but also address all aspects of your life ( including finance, relationships, careers, etc). This program will give you a better picture of how to  maintain in the future and live your life to your fullest potential.

It is all about De-Stressing to Your Best!

De-Stress 2 Progress 

Looking for real change in you life? Want to be the best you?
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My Bio

20171019_183117Hey you! Let me formerly introduce myself. My name is Tia Jones and I am a mother, fiancee and future step-mom. I am a Stressologist.  I am a woman who simply wants nothing more than to be happy. I love all things travel and Jazz.

By career, I have been a School Therapist, Middle School Teacher, Prison Counselor, an Adult Education Instructor  and a Military Public Health Technician. I aspire to make my life as joyous and simplistic as possible.

Life is what you make it (So cliche) and I have learned to accept my life and love the skin I am in. Nothing brings me more joy than knowing that the person standing next to me is confident and happy in their life.

My Credentials 

Certificate in Stress Management – Delaware Tech Community College

Public Health ,AAS – Community College of the Air Force

General Studies (Behavioral Science Concentration) B.S – Wilmington University

Social Work, MSW- Delaware State University


Revitalized Belief is a site for all those who suffer from excess stress levels. As human beings, we tend to attract unwanted stress on a daily basis. This site was developed with your in mind. Life is short and stress should not engulf a majority of it  I truly hope you find whatever you need towards a healthy means of De-Stressing 2 Your Progress at any time.