From Stress to Progress. Are you Ready?

Hey You! Calling all those frustrated and Stressed out. I know life can be tough. Stress can and will become your first name if you let it. It can be hard enough working full-time and/or part-time as well as raising a family whether your married or single. Are you accomplishing  the goals you look to fulfill . Are you fulfilling that purpose that continuously pops in and out of your head? How can you do these things when career stress, financial stress and relationship stress stand in your way? How important is your overall health to you?

It is especially important that you take car of yourself. Often times we wear stress on our sleeves and continue to march on. Other times we come to believe that we will never become or accomplish those things our hearts and minds are set on due to current circumstances.

The De-Stress 2 Progress Program might be the answer to your stress management needs. This program is a well rounded program that addresses all of your stress causing needs. Rather than skim the surface of the issue, this program is designed to show you the root cause of your stress and how you can redirect your thought process to overcome and revitalize your belief in you!

What’s Included:

  1. 1 on 1 personal coaching  (7) 90 minute sessions
  2. (1 ) 30 minute -Lunch Crunch Vent session
  3. Unlimited Email Access for the duration of the program
  4. (3- 15 minute) Spread the Word, Decrease the Stress  Family and Friend Consultation Vouchers

Is this Program Right for You? Does any of the following sound familiar?

  • When will I get a break?
  • This is too much. I can’t do this
  • I don’t have what it takes. I am not good enough
  • Maybe I am not meant to be happy.
  • I can’t cope with this
  • How am I ever going to fix this?

If so, then the De-Stress 2 Progress Program was made for you

Are you serious about tackling the stress. Do you want to improve your work-life balance to become your best. Then, do yourself a favor and De-Stress 2 Progress.

Once your are equipped with the tools needed to revitalize your life, you will be glad you took this opportunity.

Ready to start? Then fill out this form to receive a free 15 minute Stress Assessment Consultation.